Trefoil eye design with trichromatic cone mosaic in pupil, Copyright © 2003, Center for Visual Science.  All rights reserved.
Pablo Artal, Universidad de Murcia
Chris Dainty, National University of Ireland, Galway
David Williams, Center for Visual Science, University of Rochester

Engineering the Eye III is a high quality and unique scientific meeting dealing with aspects of the Physics and Engineering of the human eye. This meeting is the third in a series that started in Rochester (USA) in 2002 and in Galway (Ireland) in 2006. In this meeting, we shall focus on new results and techniques in imaging technology and optics of vision. The format of the meeting is a series of invited lectures with ample time for discussion and interaction. Young researchers and doctoral students will present their research in poster format. The interaction of basic science and cutting edge technology to develop future solutions for better vision will be at the center of the workshop. Leading world scientists in this field confirmed their participation assuring that this would be an excellent meeting in a remarkable location in Benasque, the Aragon Pyrenees.


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