Director's Welcome

David Williams

The Center for Visual Science (CVS) is an interdepartmental program that brings together vision scientists at the University of Rochester. We are united by a shared conviction that the visual system can only be understood by the coordinated effort of diverse scientists focusing on different parts of the problem. Accordingly, the expertise of the CVS faculty spans psychophysical, optical, physiological, computational, anatomical, and clinical approaches to visual science. The role of the Center is to integrate these approaches into a coordinated research effort.  Each of the 28 participating investigators holds their primary appointment in one of five departments: Brain and Cognitive Sciences, Neurobiology and Anatomy, NeurologyOphthalmology, or Optics. We are clustered in two main locations within 10 minutes walking of each other, the School of Medicine and Dentistry and the College. Vision research at Rochester falls within five major themes. This website can give you information about available positions, shared resources, and more information about the Center.

-David Williams, Director of the Center for Visual Science