The 29th CVS Symposium - Engineering the Eye IV Restoring Vision will be held August 22 - 24, 2014 in Goergen Hall.

CVS organizes a symposium in alternate years on a theme of current importance in vision research. These meetings, of which there have so far been 28 bring in about 20 authorities to speak on topics related to a theme of current interest. The last two were “Computational Foundations of Perception and Action” (2012) and “Photons and Neurons” (2010). Attendance numbers between 100 and 250. Evening sessions are devoted to general discussion of the issues raised by the day’s talks. We usually provide about 20 travel fellowships to pre- and postdoctoral students from within the United States and abroad. Students and fellows are active in these meetings and benefit greatly from meeting and discussing vision with a wide range of scientists in vision and related disciplines.