Tracy Bubel

Tracy Bubel

Technical associate II
Center for Visual Science Core Histology Lab

MC 2-3008
MC Box  314,  Rochester, NY  14642
(585) 275-3961 Voice

Job Description

The histology core does histological tissue processing for slide preparation and staining, usually but not limited to brain and eye specimens. The perfusion of animals for the procurement of the tissue is preformed in the core lab. The lab has access to a Microm sliding microtome, a Jung biocut rotary microtome for paraffin, and Ultra microtome for Electron microscopy and a Reichert-Jung cryostat. The slides are made to the PI's specifications, tissue orientation and staining needs. The core also has an Olympus microscope with a Ludl motorized stage, and a Microfire video camera for high resolution capturing and processing of microscope images and stereology, the microscope and the core lab are open to all CVS members to use.

The CVS faculty I've worked for include:

  • Dr. Charlie Duffy
  • Dr. Ed Freedman
  • Dr. Krystel Huxlin
  • Dr. Holly Hindman
  • Dr. Ania Majewska
  • Dr. Bill Merigan
  • Dr. Tania Pasternak
  • Dr. Marc Schieber
  • Dr. David Williams

*CVS Core Grant Staff