Theory of Temporal Factors in Vision and Visual Perception

3rd Symposium: June 6-8, 1966

Program Speakers:

Daniel Kahneman, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel
Temporal factors in vision: Some comments on terms and methods

Irwin Spigel, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada
Visually perceived movement

Joseph H. McFarland, Antioch College
The effect of different sequences of part presentation on perception of a form's parts as simultaneous: Replication and report of new findings

G. M. Shickman, Washington University
Sinusoidal stimulation: Input-output relations and masked thresholds

O. J. Grüsser, Der Freien Universitat Berlin, Berlin, Germany
The frequency response of the retinal network: Retinal ganglion cell responses to sinusoidal light stimulation of the receptive field

B. G. Cleland & C. Enroth-Cugell, Northwestern University
Cat retinal ganglion cell responses to changing light intensities: Sinusoidal modulation in the time domain

James Zacks, University of California, Berkeley
Temporal characteristics of the optic nerve discharge of the cat

G. S. Wasserman, National Institute of Health
Brightness enchancement and opponent-colors theory

Mitsuo Ikeda, Minolta Camera Co., Osaka, Japan
Diphasic nature of the visual response as inferred from the summation index

Lois Elliott, Central Institute for the Deaf
Temporal and spatial parameters in auditory and visual masking

George Sperling, Bell Labs
Temporal factors in visual masking

Whitman Richards, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Effects of receptor latency on metacontrast interactions

C. W. Burckhardt, University of Illinois
Dead-time model to explain frequency responses of the visual system in man

John Levinson, Bell Labs
Flicker as a probe of temporal characteristics of vision

Mitchell L. Kietzman, Biometrics Research
Temporal integration and temporal resolution

A. M. Kristofferson, MacMaster University, Canada
Some evidence for a unit of psychological time

E. Donchin, Stanford Medical Center
Average evoked potentials and intra-modality selective attention

Donald Lindsley, University of California, Los Angeles
Neurophysiological correlates of visual perception in man and monkey

Robert Efron, Massachusetts General Hospital
Perceptual blanking, retroactive masking—special instances of a perceptual "processing period"

Carroll T. White, US Naval Electronics Lab
Temporal limitations of perceived number

Charles Eriksen, University of Illinois
Psychological moments, percept duration, and perceptual memory

Organizing Committee:
Robert M. Boynton
Ralph N. Haber
Daniel Kahneman
Judith W. Onley