New Insights on Visual Cortex

16th Symposium: June 16-18, 1988

Early Processing

Robert Shapley, New York University
P and M pathways in the primate visual system

David Mastronarde, University of Colorado
Retinal X and Y input to the cat LGN diverges into classes of cells with difference spatial or temporal properties

Murray Sherman, SUNY at Stony Brook
Functional organization of the cat's lateral geniculate nucleus

John Robson, Cambridge University, England
Linear and nonlinear behavior of neurons in the visual cortex of the cat

Parallel Channels

David Van Essen, California Institute of Technology
Information processing strategies in primate visual cortex

Joseph Malpeli, University of Illinois
Cortical responses revealed by reversible inactivation

William Merigan, University of Rochester
Visual capacities of P and M pathways

Patrick Cavanagh, University of Montreal, Canada
What low-level vision tells high-level vision

Cortical Processing: New Approaches

Charles Gilbert, Rockefeller University
Horizontal integration in the visual cortex

Gary Blasdel, University of Calgary, Canada
Using optical dyes to visualize cortical activity

Lance Optican, National Eye Institute
Temporal codes and spatial messages in the visual system

Terrence Sejnowski, Johns Hopkins University
Network model of shape-from-shading: neural function arises from both receptive and projective fields

Levels of Processing in Visual Cortex

Peter Lennie, University of Rochester
Chromatic signals in cortex

Alan Cowey, University of Oxford, England
Cells and pathways underlying "Blindsight"

William Newsome, SUNY at Stony Brook
Psychophysics and physiology of a perceptual decision

Edmund Rolls, University of Oxford, England
Information processing in the inferior temporal visual cortical areas of the macaque

Visuomotor Integration

Fred Miles, National Eye Institute
Eye movement as a probe for decoding of optic flow by the primate visual system

Robert Wurtz, National Eye Institute
Cortical control of pursuit eye movements

David Sparks, University of Alabama in Birmingham
Role of the superior colliculus in sensory-motor integration

Organizing Committee:
Walter Makous
John Maunsell
Tatiana Pasternak