Neural Control of Spatial Behavior

20th Symposium: June 20-22, 1996

Reaching & Grasping
Chair: Dana Ballard

Melvyn Goodale, University of Western Ontario, Canada
From vision to action: cortical mechanisms for the visual control of reaching and grasping

Michael Graziano, Princeton University
The representation of visuomotor space in body-part centered coordinates

Stefan Schaal, Georgia Institute of Technology
Robot vs. human: how hard is it to bounce a ball on a racket?

Guisseppe Luppin, Instituto di Fisiologia Umana, Italy
Cortical motor areas involved in grasping

Polly Pook, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Symbolic models for motor planning

Target Localization
Chair: Joanne Albano

John Assad, Baylor College of Medicine
Inference of motion in posterior parietal cortex

Larry Snyder, California Institute of Technology
Coding the intention for an arm or eye movement in posterior parietal cortex of a monkey

Guilio Sandini, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Space-variant vision and motor control

Greg Zelinsky, University of Rochester
Target localization in a realistic search task revealed by eye movements

Multi-Sensory Calibration
Chair: Gary Paige

Michael Brainard, University of California, San Francisco
Visual calibration of an auditory space map in the owl

George Pollak, University of Texas at Austin
The roles in inhibitory circuits for the localization of multiple sound sources

Yves Trotter, Universite Paul Sabatier, France
Proprioception and cortical processing of visual 3-D space

John van Opstal, Nijmegen University, The Netherlands
Human eye-head coordination in two dimensions to auditory and visual stimuli

Organizing Committee:
Joanne Albano
Dana Ballard
Mary Hayhoe
Gary Paige
Marc Schieber

Funding provided by NIH Biotechnology Resource Project