Environmental Structure, Statistical Learning, & Visual Perception

21th Symposium: June 4-6, 1998

Image Statistics
Chair: Richard Aslin

Eero Simoncelli, New York University
Visual cortical processing and the statistics of images

Charles Chubb, University of California, Irvine
Statistically certified unsupervised learning

Daniel Ruderman, The Salk Institute
From scaling to color in natural images

Color Constancy
Chair: Peter Lennie

David Brainard, University of California, Santa Barbara
Color constancy in the nearly natural image

Steven Shevell, University of Chicago
Inferred illumination in complex scenes: Beyond simultaneous color constancy

Anya Hurlbert, University of Newcastle, England
Surface colour and 3D shape

Surface Perception
Chair: Mary Hayhoe

Ted Adelson, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Lightness, transparency, and surfaces

Laurence Maloney, New York University
Measurement and modeling of cue combination in shape, depth, and color perception

Zili Liu, NEC Research Institute
New modes of generalization in perceptual learning

Object Perception
Chair: Robbie Jacobs

David Knill, University of Pennsylvania
Bayes or bust: What can an 18th century preacher teach us about human visual perception?

Ken Nakayama, Harvard University
Surface vs. image constraints in binocular space perception

Philip Kellman, University of California, Los Angeles
How the world gets to the mind: physical structure and perceptual process in seeing objects and surfaces

Neural Coding and Plasticity
Chair: Tatiana Pasternak

William Geisler, University of Texas at Austin
Neural population performance of visual cortex for naturalistic stimuli

Nikos Logothetis, Max-Planck Institute, Germany
Object perception: Psychophysics and physiology in monkeys

Mriganka Sur, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Vision, neural activity, and cortical development

Organizing Committee:
Richard Aslin, Co-Director
Robert Jacobs, Co-Director