Engineering the Eye

23th Symposium: June 13-15, 2002

Innovations in Vision Correction I
Chair: David Williams

Earl Smith, University of Houston
Fundamentals of emmetropization

Tom Norton, University of Alabama, Birmingham
Optical, neural, or pharmacological control of emmetropization and myopia?

Fabrice Manns, University of Miami
Correction of presbyopia: the Phaco-Ersatz technique

Jay Pepose, Pepose Vision Institute
Treatment of presbyopia by scleral expansion

Innovations in Vision Correction II
Chair: Ian Cox

Ray Applegate, University of Houston
Fundamentals of aberrations

Pablo Artal, Universidad de Murcia
Nature and location of the ocular aberrations

Susana Marcos, Institute de Optica, CSIC
Origins of aberrations after intraocular and corneal refractive surgeries

George Pettit, Alcon Labs
Customized refractive surgery

Innovations in Vision Correction III
Chair: Scott MacRae

Chris Sandstedt, Calhoun Vision, Inc.
Light-adjustable IOLs

Ian Cox, Bausch & Lomb
Feasibility of wavefront aberration correction with contact lenses

Eli Peli, Schepens Eye Research Institute
Vision multiplexing—an engineering approach to vision rehabilitation devices

Innovations in Retinal Imaging I
Chair: David Calkins

Fred Fitzke, University College, London
High resolution retinal imaging and its clinical utility

Steve Burns, Schepens Eye Research Institute
Applications of SLO

Reginald Birngruber, Medical Laser Center, Lubeck GmbH
Confocal laser fluorescence topography: 3D-Reconstruction of chorioretinal vascular structures

Joe Izatt, Duke University
In vivo micron-scale anatomic and functional imaging using optical coherence tomography

Innovations in Retinal Imaging II
Chair: Geunyoung Yoon

Chris Dainty, Imperial College, London
Fundamentals of adaptive optics

Dirk Uwe-Bartsch, University of California, San Diego
Clinical applications of resolution improvement and scanning laser ophthalmoscopy

Austin Roorda, University of Houston
Adaptive optics in a scanning laser ophthalmoscope

Scot Olivier, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Alternative wavefront correctors For adaptive optics

Innovations in Retinal Imaging III
Chair: Austin Roorda

Don Miller, Indiana University
Coherence gating and adaptive optics for the eye

Dan Ferguson, Physical Sciences, Inc.
Theoretical limits of eye tracking in retinal imaging

Tim Holmes, Autoquant Imaging, Inc.
Deconvolution in retinal imaging

Organizing Committee:
David Williams, Chair
David Calkins
Ian Cox
Steve Feldon
Scott MacRae
Austin Roorda

Symposium supported by the NSF Science and Technology Center for Adaptive Optics, Grant #AST-9876783