OSA Fall Vision Meeting Abstracts

Abstract submission is closed.

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We have limited space to display posters, so you will need to print your poster in the Portrait orientation. The poster boards will be 5 ft high x 3.5 ft wide.

Abstracts will be published in the Journal of Vision.  For examples from past years, please see http://jov.arvojournals.org/Issues.aspx?issueID=933687#issueid=933687

Please adhere to the following submission guidelines:

  • Authors can be first author on only one abstract.
  • Only electronic abstract submissions will be accepted.
  • Please do not use superscripts/subscripts in your abstract, as the system cannot store them.
  • Title (255 characters max)
  • Abstract (1024 characters max)
  • References (up to 10, APA format preferred)

If you have any questions regarding abstract submission, email contact-cvs@cvs.rochester.edu.