Jen Hunter and Kenny Cheong

After extensive processing, Jennifer Hunter and Kenny Cheong analyze the data gathered by way of optical recording and imaging in the ARIA lab (J. Adam Fenster, University of Rochester)

Huxlin lab image

Photo by the Huxlin lab

Canavesi/Rolland portable device

A portable device designed to perform optical biopsies that can "see" just below the surface of tissues like skin and cornea, and even manufactured materials, was designed by Cristina Canavesi and Jannick Rolland (J. Adam Fenster, University of Rochester)

University of Rochester campus

University of Rochester Medical Center (J. Adam Fenster, University of Rochester)

Huxlin lab image

Photo by the Huxlin lab

Wayne Knox

Wayne Knox, pictured in his lab in Goergen Hall (J. Adam Fenster, University of Rochester)

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These laboratories represent a diverse range of studies that span the development of the visual system to the interaction between visual perception and memory. Our investigators employ an equally diverse set of approaches, from molecular genetics and cellular biology to neurophysiology and psychophysics. The majority of CVS members also belong to the Rochester Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience.

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