The Perception of Form, Object, and Scene

10th Symposium: June 16-18, 1977

Initial Coding of the Elements of Form
Chair: Robert Sekuler

Allan Pantle, Miami University
Feature analysis and spatial frequency responses in human vision

Randolf Blake, Northwestern University
Comparative psychophysics of stimulus analyzing mechanisms

Ralph Freeman, University of California at Berkeley
Ontogenesis of feature analysis

Robert Sekuler, Northwestern University
Stimulus uncertainty: A link between laboratory and real world

Perception as an Active Construction
Chair: Maurice Hershenson

Dominic Massaro, Wisconsin
Orthographic structure and the perception of word and non-word letter strings

Irvin Rock, Rutgers
Form perception as a process of description

David Hummelhart, San Diego
You can tell a letter by the company it keeps

Paul Kolers, Toronto
Cognitive reordering

Processing of Scenes and Pictures
Chair: Ralph Haber

Geoffrey Loftus, University of Washington
Cognitive factors controlling visual search in pictures

Stephen Kosslyn, Johns Hopkins
Visual images as representations of information about pictures

Julian Hochberg, Columbia
Integration of successively viewed scenes

Matthew Erdelyi, Brooklyn College
Hypermnesia for pictures

Developmental Changes in Perception of Scenes in Pictures
Chair: Philip Salapatek

Robert Cooper, University of Texas
Development of sensitivity to geometric information for viewing shapes and sizes of pictures

Albert Yonas
University of Minnesota, Sensitivity to pictorial depth information in infants

Philip Salapatek, University of Minnesota
Pattern processing in infants and children

Janellen Huttenlocher, University of Chicago
Mental rotation of solid objects by children

Artificial Intelligence and Human Perception of Scenes
Chair: Jerome Feldman

Jay Martin Tenebaum
Stanford Research Institute, High level knowledge in scene segmentation

Harry G. Barrow, Stanford Research Institute
Low domain, independent knowledge and scene segmentation

David Huffman, Santa Cruz
An analysis of deceitful polyhedral objects

Omer Akin, Carnegie Mellon
Image understanding research

Symposium Organizer:
Ralph Haber