Adaptive Representation and Control in Vision

24th Symposium: June 18-20, 2004

Perceptual Learning
Chair: Richard Aslin

Yang Dan, University of California, Berkeley
Timing-dependent plasticity in visual cortex

Charles Gilbert, Rockefeller University
Neural mechanisms of perceptual learning

Takeo Watanabe, Boston University
Perceptual learning without perception is not passive

Marvin Chun, Yale University
Attentional modulation of repetition attenuation effects

Memory Signals & Representation
Chair: Charlie Duffy

Tatiana Pasternak, University of Rochester
Cognitive influences in cortical area MT

Carlos Brody, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Dynamical systems in biology: a neural model of sequential discrimination

Wendy Suzuki, New York University
Associative memory signals in the monkey medial temporal lobe

Mark D'Esposito, University of California, Berkeley
Neural mechanisms of top-down control of goal directed behavior

Working Memory & Control
Chair: Daphne Bavelier

Jun Tanji, Tohoku University
Participation of the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex in time keeping and categorized motor-sequence planning

Earl Miller, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
The prefrontal cortex: concepts, rules and cognitive control

Todd Braver, Washington University
Dual mechanisms of cognitive control

Yuhong Jiang, Harvard University
Role of learning in visual attention and working memory

Decision Making
Chair: Alex Pouget

Michael Shadlen, University of Washington
A neural mechanism for making decisions

Hauke Heekeren, Berlin NeuroImaging Center
Perceptual decision-making in the human brain

Jeffrey Schall, Vanderbilt University
On the neural basis of deciding, choosing, and acting

Daeyeol Lee, University of Rochester
Prefrontal cortex and dynamic decision making

Cortico-cortical Interactions
Chair: Dana Ballard

Matt Wilson, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Peter Dayan, University College London
Acetylcholine, norepinephrine, uncertainty and attention

Shaul Hochstein, Hebrew University
Reverse hierarchy theory of perceptual learning and conscious visual perception

Robert Desimone, National Institutes of Health
Top-down attentional control of synchronized neural activity in visual cortex

Symposium supported by NIH Grant R13MH070450

Organizing Committee:
Daeyeol Lee, Chair
Daphne Bavelier
Tatiana Pasternak