Vision Journal Club

Every few weeks we will discuss a paper, usually picked and presented by a student or a faculty member. "Vision" is in the title of the associated course, but we discuss a range of perception, system neuroscience, computation and cognition topics, some of which are only loosely related to vision per se. The main goal is to critically discuss scientific literature, with a focus on "big picture" implications, experimental rationales, innovative methods and the weaknesses and strengths of presented papers. The Vision Journal club is open to all in the Center for Visual Science (CVS) and brain and cognitive science community.

If you are interested in attending and you are new to this journal club, email to add you to the CVSMOTION email list. If you would like to be deleted from CVSMOTION, also let Chris know.

Upcoming Journal Clubs

None at this time.

Past Journal Clubs

December 3, 2021

Paper: Hafed ZM, Chen C-Y and Tian X (2015). Vision, Perception, and Attention through the Lens of Microsaccades: Mechanisms and Implications. Front. Syst. Neurosci. 9:167. doi: 10.3389/fnsys.2015.00167

Discussion of paper by Boynton Colloquium speaker Ziad Hafed led by Sanjana Kapisthalam

November 19, 2021

Discussion led by Greg DeAngelis

November 12, 2021

Paper: Benefits of multisensory learning by Ladan Shams and Aaron R. Seitz

Discussion led by Duje Tadin

November 5, 2021

Manuscript: Inferring sources of suboptimality in perceptual decision making using a causal inference task

Discussion led by Sabyasachi Shivkumar

October 22, 2021

Paper: Weak Evidence for Neural Correlates of Task-Switching

Discussion led by Ralf Haefner

October 15, 2021

Paper: Litvina EY, Chen C. Functional Convergence at the Retinogeniculate Synapse. Neuron 2017; 96:330-338.e5. PMID: 29024658.

We will review our CVS Boynton Colloquium speaker Chinfei Chen's paper before her talk on October 20th. Discussion led by Jingyi Yang

October 8, 2021

Paper: Individual differences in eye drift and high-acuity vision

Discussion led by Ashley Clark

September 17, 2021

Paper: Beyond Fixation: detailed characterization of neural selectivity in free-viewing primates

Discussion led by Jacob Yates

February 1, 2021

Discussion of Papers by CVS Boynton Colloquium Guest Lecturer: Alessandra Angelucci

January 14, 2021

Discussion of Papers by CVS Boynton Colloquium Guest Lecturer: Carla Shatz

December 11, 2020

Discussion led by Farran Briggs

December 4, 2020

Discussion led by Jude Mitchell

November 13, 2020

Discussion led by Ralf Haefner

October 30, 2020

Discussion led by Richard Lange

October 9, 2020

Paper: Shah and Briggs

Discussion led by Briggs lab

September 25, 2020

Paper: Cortically-blind humans lack smooth eye movement following of stimulus motion despite perceptual restoration in their blind fields

Discussion led by Mitchell lab

April 24, 2020

Discussion led by Shanna Coop

April 17, 2020

Discussion led by Shraddha Shah

March 6, 2020

Discussion led by Janis Intoy

January 31, 2020

Discussion led by Ying Lin and Duje Tadin

January 24, 2020

Discussion led by Allison Murphy and Shraddha Shah

September 13, 2019